Managing Uncertainty – Stepping into the big wide world

Managing uncertain

Assignments handed in, University studies completed and the bubble has burst. There’s something daunting about stepping into the big wide world by yourself, particularly when surrounded by challenges and responsibilities. Which path to follow? Getting a job? How to make your impact on the world? How do you go about Managing Uncertainty?

Three years ago I envisioned that university would help me identify a clear direction of where and who I want to be. If anything, three years of studying Entrepreneurial Management and working in various professional roles has made me even more uncertain. So many opportunities, and it seems that every decision that you make pushes you into a certain unreturnable direction. If there is one thing that I have learnt over the past three years, it is how to manage and accept uncertainty, in both my academic and personal life.

Back in March, me and my classmates were a month away from organising a Black Tie Charity Event. We had about 20 tickets sold for the event and had to pay the hotel a minimum of 100 seats. As a team we were uncertain that we could pull off a successful event and make a substantial amount for the charity – we even considered cancelling the evening. What happened? We came together as a team, pulled off the stops, reduced the risk by lowering the minimum numbers and sold 81 tickets. In total, we raised £12,850. Togetherness can overpower uncertain situations. Sometimes you may not have the answers, or it may be completely out of your control – but be that employees, teams, or simply friends – coming together can help you deal with uncertainties; shared knowledge is important to progress.

Knowledge is power when responding to uncertainties. Having recently studied a ‘Futures and Foresight’  module, it is clear to see that one of the best ways to overcome uncertainty is through knowledge. The best way to think about your future is to understand how you got to where you are today, what you are good at, and how you got there. My three years experience and passion for marketing and content writing has recently inspired me to start up as a freelance marketeer. Sure, I am uncertain of what my future holds, but my confidence from my skills and abilities I currently hold leave me less concerned for the future. In the same way that as a nation, I wish that the people would consider the wider aspects and facts around leaving the EU before even considering voting. It is more difficult to make decisions with a lack of knowledge.

As a business, prepare yourself by understanding future trends that may one day change the shape of your company. Flexibility is an important factor whilst getting to grips with uncertainties. “Great Britain may leave the EU”; it is not so predicting the future and making a wild guess, but educating yourself of the implications for both and being prepared.
From having an internal locus of control, I tend to believe that all problems can be solved from within and to not put the blame on other people or the situations that we are faced with. The truth is, there are some things that are out of our control and uncertainty is a thing of life, but we cannot live our lives worrying upon what may happen tomorrow. If anything, we should be accepting that there are going to be uncertainties and instead of seeing these as problems designed to stress us out, see them as challenges set to test us. – Within those challenges lie opportunities.  We may not have control over everything that is uncertain, however, we can control the way we respond and deal with uncertainties.

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