The thin line between Patience and Laziness…


I like to consider myself a bit of a go-getter. Always looking for the next opportunity, or the next task, or simply just something to do! Joe ‘slow down’, you are only 20 you have your whole life ahead of you, be patient. Patience; the capacity to accept delay, problems, or suffering without feeling anxious or annoyed. I can be impatient; and there is no doubt that this is both a weakness and strength of mine. Not everything is going to come at once, and somethings are worth being patient for, but i’m too fidgety.

I guess I just feel that we shouldn’t wait for things and that if we want something we have to go-get it ourselves, after-all, the early bird catches the worm? I see it so often, throughout my personal life, work, university… patience often turns to laziness.

Seems it’s almost New Year, let me prepare to set another new year’s resolution. I tell you what, next year my resolution will be to get fit, finally get that six pack! Until then I will stuff myself with chocolate, Christmas dinner and candy… after all it is Christmas. One may see this as a good plan; but why can’t I start today…then I will get fit quicker right?

Don’t get me wrong, patience is necessary; take my sales role, selling is not about being forceful, it is about building relationships that take time. Be patient with your customer and they will get back to you… but being too patient could be seen as lazy, what happens if they are patiently waiting for you to give them another call-back? You’re both waiting for each other and by the time you decide to call them, they have no budget left, because someone else decided not to be patient. You have to get the balance right.

Also, take project management; how many times have you been in a situation where everything is on hold because you’re waiting on that one thing that is being delayed? Come on, stop being lazy… there is always something to do; accept that this is a problem but do not let the problem consume you.

I believe the issue we have is that we often associate ‘Patience’ and ‘Waiting’. Patience can be a strength as not everything will come at once, by all means acknowledge that something’s you have to be patient for… but do not sit back and wait. Patiently waiting for something to happen may blind you to the other opportunities that may be presented, and also to the other tasks that could take place. So prepare yourselves… stay wide awake and do not blame patience as an excuse for laziness.

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