Do we still need business cards?

Business Cards

Two weeks ago I met a gentleman on the train who after our conversation left me his business card; at the time I thought of this as a kind gesture, but as I continued my journey staring out of the train window, it got me questioning; do we still need need business cards in today’s modern society? When I got home from the journey I had forgotten I had the card and found it in my wallet only yesterday before deciding to write this post.

In most business to business scenario’s staff members would come back from the meeting or show and immediately put their contact lists into a digital database, the card tends to get thrown away after this. Handing a business card can be useful in times where time is precious, but there is plenty of software available to scan contact details instantly such as One Card , QR codes and fast ways of adding contacts to LinkedIN.

So as we weigh up, can we cut out the card? It would certainly save some trees…

No we can’t!  Go back to my first line to find out why. What that man had done was set an impression, something that you will not get from scanning a badge, or clicking ‘add new connection’  The card was more than a card, it was part of his legacy, his brand and his persona – which helps you and your company determine what type of contacts they want to get involve with.  A business card screams tradition, personal and professionalism – an exchange of cards met with a friendly conversation is a solid ground for business relations – unlike a tweet and a follow!

Here are a few images of the most creative business cards I have found on the web; I want to hear your thoughts, card or no card?

business card business card business card 6


2 thoughts on “Do we still need business cards?”

  • Yes! Business cards are essential. So are handwritten thank you notes. Because everything else is digital. It’s evidence that you’re an actual person and that you acknowledge the other person as a person, and that’s how you develop personal relationships. (Can I get “person” in one more time? Yes I can.)

    Connie, July 22, 2015 at 11:14 pm
  • Very short and illustrative story–I definitely agree that business cards can do a lot for face-to-face interactions.

    Abby Woody, July 23, 2015 at 3:17 am

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