Cambridge Black Tie Fundraising Event for SOS Children’s Villages Charity.

Three years of studying Enterprise and Entrepreneurial Management at Anglia Ruskin University, and it all boils down to my final dissertation project. Co-leading 13 enterprising students to run a successful Black Tie Charity event. A project that needs creativity, teamwork, sales, marketing, finance and planning skills; It is projects like these that make me realise that shape our personalities and make me realise that we are not your average students. Before I pitch to you how you can play your part, I want to tell you what is the most important thing to me about this project. It is not the degree, it is not the self development, and it is not the glory of saying I am a successful event organiser… It is the chance to help raise awareness and give a voice to a wonderful charity that many people of Cambridgeshire would may not of even heard of if it wasn’t for us. This video says it all… SOS Children’s Villages do incredible work and our evening will be supporting villages in The Gambia, helping to support the education, health and lifestyle of young children and families in the villages of Basse and Bakoteh. I find it extraordinary that half way across the world in Bakoteh there are facilities to help teach the children the art of enterprise for survival, whilst for us it is just another subject. Our event gives a chance for everybody to make a difference, and believe me it shall. We are hosting a Black Tie Fundraising Event in the Hilton Cambridge City Center Hotel on the 14th April and would like to invite all professionals to the event! We have Business Consultants, Accountants, Leading Professors and Entrepreneurs who are attending the event so far. The evening shall consist of a Drinks Reception, Three Course Meal, Live entertainment and a Charity Auction all for the cost of £75 a ticket, which can be purchased here with more information. If you can’t make the evening, there are other ways to help! There is a short video below which shows how you can make donations to the evening and you can contact me at to receive our auction brochure for pre-bidding. Every penny donated and auction bid will make a difference Thank you for the support and lastly please check out SOS Children’s Villages below!  

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