Vessyl – Much More than a drinks holder!

I am not usually attracted by the adverts on Facebook, but one little gadget caught me eye while browsing through the daily feed! None other but the revolutionary Vessyl drinks holder.


Retailing at $99, Vessyl is a smart cup that automatically knows what you are drinking in real-time, with this knowledge it can record calories, sugar levels and caffeine. With the increasing number of healthy drinking supplements I would argue it has entered the market at the perfect time as a complimentary health gadget. It does not change the diets of people however it provides the right apparatus for such changes to occur.  Another great factor is that it can be integrated with many dietary apps on the market! The design is very slick, well insulated and also spill-proof!

The closest thing to magic I’ve seen in a long time!

One thought on “Vessyl – Much More than a drinks holder!”

  • This sounds awesome! Why hasn’t this been thought of before?!

    Brook Dellar, July 14, 2014 at 11:08 am

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