Dear Future Students… Be more than a piece of paper

Lego Graduate

Dear Future students, please don’t fall for the illusion that the reason we go to university is to be graded; the pretty piece of paper that gives us gratification that we can finally get the job that we want.

I am in my final year at university studying Enterprise and Entrepreneurial Management, so admittedly my views may be slightly bias to the practical nature of my course, however there is something to be learnt, and it is that self-development cannot be limited to academic studies.

Let’s think of university as a LEGO set. First we chose the set that looks the most exciting to us. Then we buy the set (which seem to be getting increasingly expensive) Now we are handed the instructions and can see the end goal in sight; follow them and you will get your desire.

So we have a start, the instructions and a an end goal. What we tend to forget is that this set is distributed to the 1000′s, it is not unique… that piece of paper is not a limited edition. Yes a 1st looks prettier than a 2.1 and so so… but this does not make you special.

The most important part of university is the journey, this is what makes you different and stand up against other applicants. Ok you have a degree… but how did you get there and where have you applied it? Be that societies , part time jobs, extracurricular activities and even travelling. Students spend too much time worrying about the end goal, they forget to enjoy the experience of learning.

My favourite part of LEGO Is always the building… taking something that was supposed to be a flower and turning it into a spaceship!

You can have a first class degree with little skills and experience. You can have the skills.and experience but no degree. If you want to be truly successful at university, be creative, be proactive and be more than the piece of paper!

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