The Marketing Magnet

Marketing magnet

Being part of an expanding company has given me the task of researching and making first contact with new customers. This task is one that is usually placed in the back of the minds of the owners of small and medium scaled businesses . It is not that they do not want to attract new customers and increase sales, it is simply the fact that they do not have the time or resources to perform such time-consuming research. So in today’s blog post I would like to discuss Marketing

From experience I have seen many small businesses who feel little need to market, their minds are stuck on the idea that if the product or service is good, people will come. This is a very traditional view of business, and in today’s culture is less effective. Why you may ask?; this is down to the increased levels of competition in today’s economy, making it harder to be unique. 20 years ago everyone would know that Bob’s butcher’s was the best place to buy steak, now their are 5 butchers in town! This is where marketing plays a big part in business. Marketing is the literature, the words of encouragement in which new business and customers are formed.

Think of marketing as a big magnet, don’t get me wrong the magnet isn’t cheap, but they can achieve big results if aimed in the right direction. If Steve has an advert saying he has bigger steaks, than Bob’s only defence is customer loyalty. Yes I have heard it all before, ‘My customers would never leave me’, in times of economic uncertainty his defence is about as useful as an umbrella to gunpowder.

So what are the best Marketing methods? If you have any knowledge of marketing then you can probaly predict where I am going next….

1) The big Social Media! I am going to briefly summarise some useful social networks.

A great place to establish fans and a following amongst a community of over 1.19billion. In order to make the most out of your Brand Creater regular content is needed that engages with your audience. Treat your fans like family!

Twitter is a great way to connect and communicate with a following of people who share the same interests. Twitter attracts a higher class following than Facebook, meaning content is generally a bit more businessy.

LinkedIN is a business network and constantly growing. It works as a good search engine to find companies that may be of interest to your business and allows you to search by country, industry, job and organisation size.

After recently creating a Google+ Page I see this network as a great community that attracts both professionals and potential customers. Adding someone to your circle gives a real community feel, Although I am still unaware what 1′d means; I am confident that this community will grow to become one of the must succesfull social networks.

2) The second Marketing method I would like to discuss is connected to the first, PPC (Pay-Per-Click) This is when an advert is promoted on a social media page targetting a specific userbase and when it gets clicked on you pay money. I would compare this strategy to buying a girl a drink in a bar. It is a big risk with no guarantee of success. If the female returns the chat their is no guarantee of you getting anywhere. And even if you do get somewhere it is impossible to know wether it was that initial drink that got you there, either way its an expensive time!

I hope you liked the post and will share some Marketing tips with you soon!

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