The Big Pitch Finalists

Today I have an exciting blog post! Every year Anglia Ruskin University holds a competition named The Big Pitch, which gives a chance for students to share their business ideas for a chance of winning £10,000 investment. Not only this but entrants get a chance to improve their presentation skills and business thinking. After a tough few weeks at boot camp the judges have narrowed the entries down to the final six. Here are the finalists and my opinion.

Iconic Tours

I also share the view that London gets all the tourist attention and captures the U.K’s income. It is a great idea if managed correctly. My concern would be the cost of the tours in relation to the age group of the target market. I can imagine a tour taking people around the U.K could be relatively expensive. Good potential, a lot of competition in the tourism industry!

Interactive Children’s e-book

Apps have become great teaching tools for children in recent years. However wouldn’t children prefer to be playing game style apps rather than reading and learning on their phone.  The app would have to be extremely creative to attract the attention of the younger audience. Another question is the possible health implications from staring at the phone for to long, certainly not good for the children’s eyes. I can see the thinking behind the idea, hopefully all the answers will be given at the Final!

Whole Pleasure

Really like the video and sounds like healthy goodness! My question would be does it taste as good as it says it is, praying for free samples at the final! Sometimes by making products more healthy you sacrifice taste. If branded correctly this could have great potential not only in the UK but international markets. I hope they have thought through a good international strategy as we all know what summer in the UK is like! Seasonal businesses are tough!

Gnome Non-sense

The App is already well developed by the looks of things. Creative and following a trend of mobile apps, reminds me of plants vs. zombies. My question is what is in the pipeline to ensure the longevity of the business. Apps require a lot of investment in terms of marketing and maintenance. Also I notice a lot of the most popular apps are really simple, where as this seems quite complex. I would love to play it!

Germ Free Toothbrush

I really like this idea if it does what it says. I would like to know more facts about the bacteria left on current toothbrushes as this is an issue not publicised enough with the general public. To get them to buy you need to convince them there is a problem, I would like to see the marketing around this. Hopefully not much more expensive than your standard toothbrush! Again a lot of competition in the market.

Escape From A Room

Last but not least, it is the very creative ‘Escape From A Room’ an interactive experience never seen before in the UK. This is the most original ideas I have seen and definitely would like to take part. I wonder how difficult this would be to market towards a UK audience as it is so different. The video leaves me intrigued to find out more, I can’t wait to see the business thinking behind it.

The six finalists certainly deserve to make it this far, but which idea will be taken to the next stage of investment. My advice to the finalists would be to look at your business from your target audiences view… what questions could you be asked? Good luck to all!

The event takes place on the 8th May from 5-9pm in the Academy at Anglia Ruskin University. You can register for the event here….

Or check out

Don’t worry if you miss it, I shall be reporting the final soon after!

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