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The Importance Of Branding Yourself

Joe Tye Branding

The importance of branding often comes as an unspoken question for businesses. Everyone knows its importance, however ask its meaning to 100 entrepreneurs and you are likely to get 100 different answers. Branding is my business reputation, branding is how I keep my customers interested, branding is my point of differentiation from others. Yes all…

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All Entrepreneurs are actors

Entrepreneurs are actors

Acting is a job that requires the skill to transform your personality into any character you wish to portray; it requires boldness, and a heck of a lot of creativity. I want to share my opinion that all Entrepreneurs are actors… it is this ability to act that represents a large impact on their success.…

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The Big Pitch Final

Photo of The Big Pitch Business Flyer

In my previous post I shared with you some exciting business ideas who were lucky enough to make it to the Big Pitch Final. Luckily I got chance to attend the event, and what a show it was! The six finalists went up against a panel of judges which included Walter Herriot OBE, Peter Taylor…

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Milan Design Week, What Is Good Design?

King Edison Pendant Lamp

From a background of Business theory I have always categorised design into three features; aesthetics, function and cost. A design must be fit for purpose, look good and be an appropriate price for the market it is targeting. Last week I got the chance to get some real inspiration and insight into the world of…

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Different Flavoured Chips, Chipsies Business Idea

Flavoured Chips

  Innovation can happen in strange places… My latest Idea came to me as I was sitting at the bus stop scoffing a bag of traditional chip shop chips. Everyone in Britain loves a chip shop I thought, but go to great Yarmouth market and you have a choice about 10 identical shops, with no…

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The difference between being enterprising and entrepreneurial

Being Enterprising Cake

In this post I will be exploring the differences between someone being enterprising and someone being entrepreneurial. I will also look into some of the skills needed for both and what stops enterprising people from becoming an entrepreneur. Being enterprising is Having or showing initiative and resourcefulness for example to run a business. This business…

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Creative Corporate Programme Business Idea

Corporate Events

Picture a typical busy Corporate workplace, Phone calls to make, deadlines and targets to meet, Computers playing up, general craziness. Its a hard and long week and the motivation is just not there anymore, Employees are struggling to communicate with each other especially with different levels of authority. A lack of motivation leads to a…

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Is there such thing as a self sustaining business?

Self Sustaining Business

The title of today’s blog post refers to a many business owner’s dream… Self-sustaining business. For those who are not familiar with the subject a Self Sustaining business is a company that can run independently without any particular effort from it’s owner or entrepreneur. Create a self-sustaining company and watch it roll in the profit…

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Steve Jobs – How to change the world?

Apple Technology

I thought I would write a little article on one of an inspirational character that is Steve Jobs, not only because of the aesthetically perfect brand he created but for what he stood for and how his vision changed technology. I recently watched the film ‘Jobs’ In which I would recommend to anyone, Steve was…

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