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What marketing methods are most successful? Marketing Comparison Site


  In my profession as a marketing representative I am commonly assigned to research marketing methods. While obtaining my research I question what marketing methods are most successful and will be most effective for our company. So I sit with my laptop and dive into the worldwide web (Note it is called wide for a…

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Vessyl – Much More than a drinks holder!


I am not usually attracted by the adverts on Facebook, but one little gadget caught me eye while browsing through the daily feed! None other but the revolutionary Vessyl drinks holder. Retailing at $99, Vessyl is a smart cup that automatically knows what you are drinking in real-time, with this knowledge it can record calories,…

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Different Flavoured Chips, Chipsies Business Idea

Flavoured Chips

  Innovation can happen in strange places… My latest Idea came to me as I was sitting at the bus stop scoffing a bag of traditional chip shop chips. Everyone in Britain loves a chip shop I thought, but go to great Yarmouth market and you have a choice about 10 identical shops, with no…

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Creative Corporate Programme Business Idea

Corporate Events

Picture a typical busy Corporate workplace, Phone calls to make, deadlines and targets to meet, Computers playing up, general craziness. Its a hard and long week and the motivation is just not there anymore, Employees are struggling to communicate with each other especially with different levels of authority. A lack of motivation leads to a…

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