Women can’t Multitask

Women Can't Multitask

It’s a fact, Women can’t multitask, and neither can men. This is because the whole concept of multitasking is a myth; simply put you cannot do more than one thing at a time. What we call ‘Multitasking’ is your brain sequentially shifting from one task to another, and it’s tiring.

Study proves that from jumping from task-to-task creates an illusion of productivity; the truth is that this constant shifting of the brain releases chemicals known for creating stress – making you less productive than if you were uni-tasking.

‘But I have too much to do and not enough time!’, said everyone working in an intellectually stimulating environment. Juggling tasks is not the right way to go about getting the job done, but is commonly seen as instinct when you are under pressure. Here are some top tips from work of Neuroscientist and author, David J Levitin.

.Split the simple tasks from the more challenging – It’s Monday morning, you know you have a major long-term task to complete but you have a stack of less important smaller tasks placed on your desk that may only take a short period of your time. Get too them! Spending half an hour on smaller tasks will allow you to spend more time on tasks that require your wider focus. The smaller tasks will also get you in the right mindset for a more stimulating task. If you try to do these tasks amongst the biggie, you may struggle to stay focused.

.Take breaks (The Clique) – You’ve heard this a thousand times, but taking a break is an impossible task for you. ‘The longer the break I have the less time I have to complete the task, and if I don’t complete it my boss will be mad!’. Isn’t it funny that the only time we fall asleep is when we stop thinking about falling asleep?, this is no different. Allowing yourself to enter a mode of complete serenity will allow your creativity and imagination work best, isn’t that why we have such illusive dreams when we are in deep sleep? By taking ‘proper’ breaks, by this I mean taking yourself out of the office, no emails, no phone etc., It will help you connect the loose thoughts and become more creative in problem solving. I know it is easier said than done, and I find myself guilty of the same overthinking mind, but my suggested method to reach this state of mind would be playing soothing music or undertaking breathing exercises.

.Don’t load yourself up with distractions. - Ok so were still on Monday morning… Wake up, choose clothes, make lunch, put petrol in your car, drive to work, all of the above are distractors which clog your brain with unnecessary decisions. What if you woke up and didn’t have to think about what you are going to where or eat? It seems too simplistic to be true, but by preparing Tuesday I promise you will be a lot more focused on the day ahead. When I first heard this solution I made excuses in my head, I haven’t got time, I have other responsibilities in the evening… but they are just excuses, there is always a way around time! When you are relaxing on the sofa, just think these minutes could be exchanged for future productivity.

I hope you have enjoyed the post, It is my first day back in the second semester, and I look forward to sharing future thoughts and knowledge with you. I would recommend you check out the following podcast which underpins today’s blog https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aR1TNEHRY-U.


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