Why Retail Workers Are The Best At Building Relationships



I can’t believe that when writing up my CV the other day I had reduced my retail experience to one line! In shock I decided to do a little reflection on my 2 years of Retail. I see so many posts these days joking about the irritating things that occur in the day to day role of a retail assistant, but not one showing you the benefits and skills you learn while working within retail? So I began writing this post to show the skills you gain while working within retail, which led me to discover that the skills go hand in hand with Relationships!

  • Know one quite knows PATIENCE than someone working in retail! Its closing time and that customer you have spent your last twenty minutes with simply can’t decide. This will come in handy when you are waiting for the other half to get ready!
  • Learning to stick to a ROUTINE, doing the same old **** every day, actually helps you. Following a routine can be brought home and help make your life more organised person and easier for you to develop and become more efficient… but do leave some room for spontaneous decisions, relationships are definitely not all about routine!
  • One of the things I loved about Retail is the relationships you build with your customers in such a short space of time. These FACE-TO-FACE COMMUNICATION SKILLS are vital in everyday life, before we all become technology-zombies that is! In a generation of texting and social media, we don’t realise the importance of this skill.
  • SMILING in all situations – we all have moments in life where you just want to hide under a rock, think about your most embarrassing or infuriating situation at work where you just had to smile it off! You would think this is  an easy skill to learn!?
  • Learning to be DEDICATED to something is a key skill you learn in retail. ‘Joe, can you come in quick Daryl’s called in sick’ yada yada, As painful as it is, this is where you learn how to be committed to something… and commitment will take you a long way.

So there it is, I never thought I would write a cheesy article like this but the evidence is clear. Retail workers are the best at building relationships!

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