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In my profession as a marketing representative I am commonly assigned to research marketing methods. While obtaining my research I question what marketing methods are most successful and will be most effective for our company. So I sit with my laptop and dive into the worldwide web (Note it is called wide for a reason) – Online Exhibition Platforms, Multi-media Advertising, social media, email marketing, SEO software, Trade-shows. – Various channels that are full of assurance that they are your one and only option, so why do I not feel very assured? – Of course you can see what options your network are using, but then that limits you to the power of suggestion. So as I sat on the bus home with 5 hours of research buzzing around my brain like a bee in honeypot – I stumbled across an idea.

We have food comparison sites, we have insurance comparison sites, we have holiday comparison sites – why don’t we have a Marketing comparison site? Now imagine a site that would compare all different methods of marketing on price, features, and customer reviews. A combination of Moneysupermarket.com and Trip-advisor, thats data would be powered from ‘marketing departments’ from a large collection of businesses.

Heres an example of what it could look like.


Business Review “We took out an advert in this magazine and saw little response from consumer, We would not consider this good value for money”


Business Review “We saw instant return from our magazine placement, the magazine is well targeted at an upperclass market.”

From a number of different reviews you can compare different methods and evaluate suggestions without having to research frantically on google, or having long conversations with marketing companies who bombard you with features that you are simply not interested in.

My immediate argument against the idea was that every business is different and needs personalised marketing solutions to fit within their strategy, however I believe in each industry they will experience similarities in plans and strategies. The second argument is that why would people want to share there results with other businesses, potentially giving crucial data away to competitors; I personally am against the idea that competitors can’t work together. Each business has there own merits, by promoting idea-sharing amongst businesses this will reduce the rate of failure amongst small businesses with unrealistic marketing methods. The best ideas often come from forming synergy.

I would love to hear your thoughts about my idea and your experience with Marketing Research? Drop me an email at joetyestudent@gmail.com if you would like to discuss further.




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