The Big Pitch Final

Photo of The Big Pitch Business Flyer

In my previous post I shared with you some exciting business ideas who were lucky enough to make it to the Big Pitch Final. Luckily I got chance to attend the event, and what a show it was! The six finalists went up against a panel of judges which included Walter Herriot OBE, Peter Taylor (CEO of TTP Group plc), Rebecca Porter (Assistant Director of VAT at Peters Elworthy & Moore) Dona Ardeman (Senior Solicitor at Mills & Reeve) and Valentine Osagie (Business Development manager at Barclay’s Bank); Their collective experience is enough to give Simon Cowell a run for his money!

However the highlight of the night was not the judges speeches, nor the luxurious free buffet and drinks, it was the finalists! I am going to share my thoughts on who caught my eye!

In third place was the glamorous Taisiya Kostenko with her healthy solution to Ice cream, ‘Whole Pleasure’. Her pitch was presented very professionally that even I was screaming for a taste of this delicious frozen treat, excuse the pun! What I loved most about this pitch was the passion behind the idea of Taisiya’s story of how she wanted to become more fit and healthy, so she turned a guilty pleasure into a whole lot of pleasure! She was prepared to start from a small Ice cream cart and hope to compete with the likes of Häagen-Dazs in the future. A well deserved winner of third place. If willy wonka did Ice-cream!

Second place came the Interactive Children’s E-Book. Previously in my finalist roundup I was slightly optimistic about how the E-Book would work in an app world full of games to steal the children’s attention, however Jelena really did have all the answers. She has already developed many graphics for the book that are well targeted to attract not only the child but most importantly the parents, after all their the ones with the money! I still think their are a lot of obstacles to face but I have no doubt that Jelena will take the app all the way, especially with £5,000 finance a year full of free mentoring!

Ok so… drum roll please.

In first place came Gnome-nonsense, the fun app that has taken the concept from Plants vs Zombies and implemented a 3Dimensional system. I must say the app looked really good on screen and being scared of Gnomes, would really appeal to me! Ross and James delivered a hearty impressive pitch. You could see the determination and passion of the game creators as they explained how members of their team have been up all hours to get it to the stage it was. The fact the game was fully developed and only needed licencing to release really sealed the golden envelope for the duo. Despite the big risk involved in the App industry, the reassurance that they had other apps in the pipeline helped crown the boys the winners of the night. A well deserved £10,000.

Winners of the Big Pitch Final
The top three finalists, Gnome nonsense, Childrens E-Book and Whole Pleasure

Another winner in my eyes was ‘Iconic Tours’. A very well delivered pitch and great idea to increase tourism in the UK by creating a tour for Russian tourists to explore areas other than London, after all London does suck up the nations income!

Credit to all the participants in The Big Pitch final. although not everybody won finance, they all won by receiving advice from the judges on how to take their businesses to the next level. Congratulations to the CEDAR and big pitch team…. Great event.

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