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Flavoured Chips

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Innovation can happen in strange places… My latest Idea came to me as I was sitting at the bus stop scoffing a bag of traditional chip shop chips. Everyone in Britain loves a chip shop I thought, but go to great Yarmouth market and you have a choice about 10 identical shops, with no differentiation apart from the presentation.

Now let’s compare chips to crisps, made from the same main ingredient, but with one big differentiation…flavour.

Smoky Bacon, Roast Chicken, Salt and Vinegar, Cheese and Onion… just to name a few of my favourite crisps; but only one traditional plain chip flavour that everyone loves! Some people like gravy on their chips or ketchup, or cheese! But is the flavour of chips not limited to the sauces the shop has?

My Idea is a Chipsies… the unique chip shop selling traditional tasty and flavoured chips.

From smoky bacon to cheese and onion, marmite to roast chicken… maybe even Chilli chocolate. Taking original taste and adding a modern twist of flavour. No need for sauce! I am sure this is possible wether they are fresh chip shop chips or simply a new brand of frozen chips, why has no one done this yet!?

With gourmet popcorn recently hitting the stores and younger consumers increasingly looking for different and eye-catching food, I really believe this could take off.

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