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Picture a typical busy Corporate workplace, Phone calls to make, deadlines and targets to meet, Computers playing up, general craziness. Its a hard and long week and the motivation is just not there anymore, Employees are struggling to communicate with each other especially with different levels of authority. A lack of motivation leads to a lack of creativity and hard work; Now what is the solution? Team-time and Office Meetings, No… things get left unsaid and its employees struggle to voice there opinion leaving them less motivated than before, not everyone shall agree with the conclusions that are made.

So lets have a corporate event away day, the idea is great with teambuilding and communication exercises. But to organise 100 employees to spend a day from the office is difficult to organise and to fund! Plus you are losing a day of these employees working which could cost the business more money. In 2010 the conference and business events were worth 18.8 billion pounds in the UK alone.

Now think of Google, the design of the workplace, the colourful vibrant furniture which leads too colourful sparks of innovation amongst its employees. The freedom of though and creativity is where I have got my idea from, to offer a solution to these corporate businesses.

No away days, but a programme…

A programme that is set within the workplace on a normal day to day business. No I am not talking about painting the walls red, and swapping chairs for trampolines. I am talking about an effective team of highly skilled entrepreneurs trained in communication and teambuilding. Exercises taking place in the workplace to help employees find their creative spark once again, help rebuild the team and restore the companies vision, this may be for a few days, or for a few weeks, but we will get there. We want to work with companies to inspire their employees, without having to take them away from their daily activities. This is cost effective solution for companies, with no time wastage.

So how will we bring the best out of your employees. We want to talk to the entrepreneur behind the business, what he/she wants to gain out of this experience. We will research your business and come up with bespoke ideas about how we can re-accomplish your vision.

This Is the Creative-Corporate-Programme, bringing out the best in your employees!

I hope you liked my idea and blog post! Please follow my page for more Posts! First Enterprise in Action Lesson tomorrow! Any feedback on this idea would be great!

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