How to become a ‘Hot Caller’, not a ‘Cold Caller’

Fire phone

I can’t believe that I  actually just read an article on LinkedIN entitled ‘The best way to cold call’. In some aspects I understand what they are trying to do, but seriously! – have you ever picked up the phone to someone cold calling and thought “Oh that was cold, take my money”, I certainly haven’t.

So in today’s post, I explore ‘Hot-Calling’; and no, not the term that stockbrokers use when a perfect lead is on the phone ‘We have a sitting duck on line 5’ ; the phone call you get at work that you are not expecting… that fills you with warmth as the person on the other end of the phone knows exactly how to speak to potential clients.

But first let us identify the type of calls that we all face on a daily basis.

Mr Chatterbox – “Is this Mr Tye?” Yes I answer, oblivious that these are the last words I will speak in this conversation. He talks and talks and talks about the features and what he can do for you, and how he’s experienced in his industry – what he doesn’t realise is that your business has nothing to do with what he is selling. He could have fitted 5 calls in the 10 minutes you’ve wasted on something that isn’t relevant.

Mrs Tell me about yourself – On the opposite end of the spectrum here is the person who wants to know asks 100 questions before you even know what they’re selling. If you spend a little more time researching you wouldn’t have to ask…

Mr You need me man I don’t need you - We are the best thing since sliced bread and if you don’t  make this decision now I will give it to someone else; rubbish, as soon as you stick the phone down they call back with a better offer.

Miss Ground control - ‘Hello am I speaking to the commercial director?’ I hear amongst the static and back-chatter of what I could only describe as NASA. (Not A Sales Approach) I would recommend. Get a better phone-line, drop the script and convince me I am more than a number

Mrs ‘Beat around the bush’ - These people are your best friend, but by the end of the call they have almost forgotten its purpose, you can’t sell on friendships.


So who is the catch of the day? the call that warms me to my core.

Mr Chatterbox –                                             Details

Mrs tell me about yourself –                       Relevance

Mr You need me man I don’t need you – Confidence

Miss Ground Control –                                To the point

Mrs ‘Beat around the bush’ –                     Personalisation

A ‘Hot caller’ is someone who can play the role of all five of these characters. You have to have to know your stuff like Mr chatterbox, be able to relate your features to the company with confidence and when asked a question you need to be to the point like Miss Ground control. Above all, speak to your potential client like you are worth their time, be honest with them about the reason for your call and treat them how you would like to be treated, they’re humans… not dollar signs.


Thank you for reading my post, I would love to hear your thoughts.

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