Hiring On experience?

Hiring On experience

Do you find that you are hiring on experience? In todays blog post I analyse if chosing people because they have the relative experience is the best way to hire

This is a difficult question to answer. To begin I shall share one of my ‘experiences’. The job interview that goes really well! The employer can clearly identify you have a personality suitable for the job. everything seems positive! A week later you get a call ‘Sorry but we have given the job to a candidate with more experience in the industry’. I sit and wonder if this makes this candidate any more suitable than myself?

There are a lot of benefits of hiring someone who is experienced. For one the company can spend less time and money training the employee as they have developed skills from previous experiences. Another is that these skills can be shared amongst existing employees which could improve systems and company processes. These candidates know what it is like working within the industry, and will have a predefined expectancy of the job roles.

There is one thing that an experienced employee is missing. Do you remember your first job? Or doing a task you have never done before? Mine was working part time at a small cafe. I remember being highly motivated by this job role and working to 100% capacity. I took the job feeling that I had to prove myself to the manager, as I had no previous experience. What I am trying to get to is that sometimes a fresh empty brain is better than a filled one! With experience comes expectancy and with no experience you create your own expectancy of how you would like to be portrayed.

Hiring someone with little experience will also bring new ideas into the business. I know what your thinking here, they don’t know the industry how can they make worthy suggestions and ideas? It takes a visionary with a fresh look on things to change the world and the industry. Nothing will change if we hire the exact candidate with the ideal ‘experience’. Why is he not in the same job? Is he bored of the industry, but looking for a similar job because it is all he knows?

I think employer’s need to think more carefully about hiring experienced workers and people need to challenge themselves to try more experiences rather than sticking to the same ‘day job’. Life is about challenges!

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