All Entrepreneurs are actors

Entrepreneurs are actors

Acting is a job that requires the skill to transform your personality into any character you wish to portray; it requires boldness, and a heck of a lot of creativity. I want to share my opinion that all Entrepreneurs are actors… it is this ability to act that represents a large impact on their success.

Firstly lets imagine a business as a stage. It is 8:59 on a monday morning and when the clock strikes 9 it is showtime. The entrepreneur must put his business head on to deal with the daily activities of the business. They must take their mind off last nights events and focus on the tasks that are in hand. In the same way an actor transforms himself into an alter ego, the entrepreneur turns from a dad, a husband, a son into what is needed of him at this precise moment in time.

Now it is suprising to know that a lot of entrepreneurial leaders would class themselves as an introvert, for example Bill Gates. An introvert is someone who is shy, and prefers to work alone. This is also seen in the acting world, for example Emma Watson admits she is introverted by nature. Being an introvert is not generally something that can be changed, but it can be transformed into great motivation when challenged by the need for achievement. I would say I am more introvert and like to keep myself. When I want to get something done I will do it and I won’t let my personality slow me down. When encountered with a passion you will get the job done. As soon as an entrepreneur gets in front of an investor or potential client, it is almost like tranforming into a different person.

Another great simularity between entrepreneurs and actors is resilience. If an actor makes a mistake on stage they are told to continue, or the shot is simply filmed again. If an entrepreneur makes a business mistake or failure, they suck it up, learn from it and do better next time!

In conclusion is important that all people starting up in business are aware of their capabilities. You do not have to be the most confident or outrageous person in the world to run a succesfull business, just put on your costume and give the best performance you can!

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