The difference between being enterprising and entrepreneurial

Being Enterprising Cake

In this post I will be exploring the differences between someone being enterprising and someone being entrepreneurial. I will also look into some of the skills needed for both and what stops enterprising people from becoming an entrepreneur. Being enterprising is Having or showing initiative and resourcefulness for example to run a business. This business is likely to provide something needed by the customer. Being entrepreneurial however involves using your skills to add value to the business, creative and innovative ways to make the business better. So being enterprising is systematic way of running a venture, being entrepreneurial is creating your own path. It is quite difficult to understand the difference so I found a metaphor from a Guardian article which I thought explained it well…

Lets compare two pieces of equipment that are both simular to in function. One is a cement mixer and one is a food mixer. The truck arrives on site to pour cement into pot holes. The food mixer is used by a chef to make a cake. Now the cement truck is expensive to own and operate, yet the food mixer is cheap with potential to add high value. The Chef can use his own palette of ingredients to attract the customer by being creative and innovative. The Truck simply has to deliver wet cement.

‘Cement Builds walls and cakes build relationships’. To relate to this metaphor starting a business is being enterprising. But its how you operate and run the business which determines wether you are an entrepreneur. Enterprising business people follow rules, they stick to what they know and follow the path they feel is set for them. Entrepreneurial people choose their own path and direction of there business without all the rules.

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