Creating Powerful Online Content


Powerful Online Content


On Monday afternoon I attended a workshop on ‘Creating Powerful Online Content’ in sunny Cambridge. The workshop covered many key areas and answered many questions we may ask ourselves about posting online content for businesses. Although some of the answers are very subjective depending on the type of business, I will summarise my findings, along with a few extra tips of mine! Like most topics the five W’s are relevant!

What do I post?

There are two types of content, ‘Short tail content’ and ‘Long tail content’.

‘Short tail content’ is your short and sweet social media posts and short product descriptions. Many people question what they should post on social media, and what tone they should use for their audience; All posts should be relevant to your industry and your target audience. An example being if you are in the fashion industry, post your opinions of fashion events perhaps? If you are targeting teenagers then understand how teenagers like to be talked to. This type of content can become irrelevant very quickly, so it is very important to keep up to date with the industry.

‘Long tail content’ is a lot more informative and longer pieces, such as blogs and articles. Once again to appeal to your audience you must keep posts relevant, and you also have the chance to be helpful to your audience. An example would be a Phone shop posting a blog about ‘How to fix an I-phone 5 when water damaged’ This type of content lasts a lot longer than ‘Short tail content’

You must remember the key focus of creating this content is to get people to your website. Its the beam of light that pulls people to your spaceship.

Who am I targeting?

‘Who am I targeting?’ is a very important question you must ask yourself, as it will shape your plan for creating content. Younger people may be more attracted to social media content where-as B-B customers are likely to be attracted to reading more informative articles. A good tool to understand your audience is ‘Google Analytics’ which allows you to see the demographics of your audience using your website.

Why am I doing it?

To be social and make sales of course! The world is becoming more connected by the day, through the use of the Internet. By creating regular content you can build lasting relationships with customers. It is all about being visible to your customers when they need you and not when you need them.

Where shall I put it?

This question is very dependant on the type of business you have. More B-B businesses could benefit by using LinkedIN, Google+ whereas more younger generation businesses may find it more useful to use Facebook, Twitter etc. You have to ask where are my customers? What do they use? You can get many facts and figures about the demographics of social-media.

When? (How often)

This is my favourite question and also the most difficult to answer, as different techniques work for different businesses. In my experience posting too regularly on some sites will put off your audience. You have to remember the quicker you post an article the quicker the last article becomes irrelevant. On the other hand if you don’t post enough you will not get seen amongst your competition. I feel ‘Short tail content’ should be updated every 2-3 days whereas ‘Long tail content’ should be created once or twice a month.

Thank you Sara Drawwater from Something Beckons for the great session. I hope you enjoyed reading the article, I only covered the basics but if you have any questions please leave me a comment, your feedback and experience is appreciated!

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